How to create a chic living environment and install a fun stainless steel slide!

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How to create a chic living environment and install a fun stainless steel slide!

   With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for indoor office and living environment are gradually increasing. How to create a chic and uniqueIndoor home improvementXiaobian is here to show you how others design their own living environment.!Non-standard custom + slide + indoor slide 9

   The Taichung Red Point Hotel was transformed from the 35-year-old Galaxy Hotel. The building was rebuilt in 2014 and reborn. The design team conducted an in-depth study of the area where the hotel is located. They found an elegant building of exquisite materials in this historic area. So they decided to do their best to give the hotel a new life, making this building an important part of telling the story of the region.

   The design team abandoned the building materials commonly used in hotel design, but chose materials that existed in the space-time memory of difficult times. For example, the building uses red bricks and pebbles with local characteristics as the only decorative finish, so that the building facade forms a continuous dialogue with the environment of the area and recalls the memories of the region's glorious years. . The design team visited a similar hotel and never found the inspiration for creation.Stephen Wu has an occasional opportunity to get in touchStainless steel slideSeeing that people of different ages are not tired of this exciting slide, he decided to try to join the project to create a chic environment.

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Instead of simply copying old-fashioned decorative forms, they use new designs to reproduce the vitality of old-fashioned materials. The design concept runs through the design of indoor and outdoor spaces.

   The LED's welcome sign evokes a nostalgic melody, as if time has returned to 40 years ago. In the first hall you can see the walls of the refractory bricks, the floor of the sinter bricks and the arched windows of the embossed glass. We use a variety of building materials to combine people's common memories to create a good time for the past.

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   Interesting elements include a layer from the second floor to the first floor.Stainless steel spiral slideThis oneStainless steel slideCan immediately catch everyone's eyeballs. TheStainless steel slideIt consists of 102 stainless steel plates and is 27 meters long. Every customer sitsStainless steel slideSliding down, it was full of laughter and laughter, and enjoyed the experience. Let’s imagine the reflection of neon lights.Stainless steel slideJust like the same space-time tunnel, brought back our memories. So, thatStainless steel slideDesigner, Stephen Wu Jianxin, theStainless steel slideIt is not a simple symbol for fun, but a reversal of time and space.

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