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How to create a children's play garden that even adults like?

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How to create a children's play garden that even adults like?

   When the children come to the yard, the backyard is no longer a little paradise for you to relax, the children will turn the yard into a small stadium, playful playground and even a bicycle play area. The original natural small world is often encroached by plastic toys and climbing facilities...

   But don't worry too much~

   This issue of Xiaobian will share 10 small coups, turning your garden into an adult and also likes children.Children's playField~

Children's playground + children's play + non-standard play
Keep nature

     It is usually not necessary to purchase specific items for children to play with. Use your imagination to make simple things with natural materialsChildren's playequipment. For example, you can use a stump to lay out a very natural and interesting game area (also a seating area).

Amusement stump + non-standard custom + combination play

If you feel that the stump has certain obstacles, it may cause danger. You can also arrange a simple Ting step on the lawn. It is simple and entertaining. If you want to have a strong entertainment atmosphere, you can paint it on Tingbu.

Pushpin decoration + combination slide + children's playground

When gardening in the garden, the felled or trimmed wooden pier branches should not be discarded immediately. For children, perhaps this is a natural toy that allows children to use their imagination to make amazing things~

2. Design the location of the entertainment facility in advance

     If you are redesigning a hard garden landscape, you can incorporate your child's needs into the courtyard design from the start.

Non-standard custom + courtyard play + children's play

For example, if the children want a slide in the yard, then we can consider inserting a stainless steel slide into the landscape step structure of the courtyard and setting a simple bunker at the bottom. The end result is a modern and stylish garden with good visual effects and the children areChildren's playYou can also have a good time.

Non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + combination slide

3. Add an irregular path

     Children like to play with wheels, so we can lay a hard paved path in the yard, so that cycling, skateboarding and other wheeled activities can beChildren's playIn the courtyard.

Non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + combination slide

The straight-forward rule path can be modern, but if you want to make the event more interesting and more adventurous, consider designing a curved path. After all, a curved track around the garden is more interesting than a straight road and can motivate children to play a series of games.

Non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + combination slide

4. Use interesting furniture

       If the child likes a swing that can swing, but there is no suitable frame to set in the yard, then the wooden rocking chair will be a good choice. In addition, the fabric hammock that is tied between the two pillars is also a good choice for great fun.

Non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + combination slide

5. Set the embedded trampoline

     Nothing is more popular than a trampoline that allows children to bounce up and down for hours. There are some big trampolines on the market that can make children have fun, but they do take up a lot of space. If your yard space is not very large, the built-in trampoline will be a good choice. In addition to looking natural and unobtrusive, the embedded trampoline is unlikely to be blown down, the children will not fall, and the safety will be guaranteed.

Non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + underground trampoline

6. Set occlusion

    In the long summer, a completely open courtyard space may become hot and dry, so we need to have a cool facility in the yard to allow children to play in a cool and comfortable environment. Trees are a good choice, natural green, not only to ensure that the courtyard landscape is opaque.

Non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + swing.jpg

In addition to planting trees, you can also build tree houses, or just build a small tent, which can provide a cool space and provide children with a fortress-like game space. Place a game table, bunker or swing in the shadows to keep the children away from the sun.

Non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + combination slide

Non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + wooden house

7. Build a climbing wall

      You can play rock climbing with your kids, which will increase the interaction between parents and children and allow you to relax.

8. Painted blackboard wall

      There are vacant walls but I don't know how to decorate them? Apply a layer of blackboard paint to turn it into an art station. If the wall is not flat, you can nail flat plywood to the surface and add sealant along the edges. Or, hang a blackboard directly to the wall.

Non-standard custom + wall blackboard + children's play

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