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How to design a trampoline

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How to design a trampoline

A good bracket is a great effort to choose location and design. Design is especially important. Scientific and reasonable design should fully consider the use of venue, personal safety and fire channels. Let us look at which equipment and projects in the trampoline.

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Main contents of this article:

First, indoor trampoline entrance

Second, self-escaping

Third, the free bouncing area

Fourth, Sponge Expansion Area

Five, high-altitude dunk

Sixth, professional trampoline zone

1. Indoor trampoline entrance, which typically features a cashier, shoe displacement area, locker and a seating area.

2. Skating the ball area, popular overseas refuge ball is perfectly integrated with our indoor trampoline, is an indoor trampoline project integrating interesting, partnership, competitiveness, not subject to age.

3. Free bouncing area, change the area is wide, can be carried out here, such as parent-child games, Taiji courses, event courses, etc.

4. Sponge expansion area, longitudinally jumping, air flipping, falling into sponge ponds, is a bright manifestation of indoor trampoline exercise, in addition, Sponge Pool is also equipped with rock climbing district, walking flat belt, hanging rope, etc. Fully enjoy the irritation and irritation from the air to the foam ocean.

5. High-altitude duct, using the rebound force of the indoor trampoline, jump into the basket and easily become a bullet dunk.

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6. Professional trampoline zone, also known as the gymnastics trampoline, the Olympic trampoline, the national gymnastics team player dedicated trampoline, the elasticity is higher, and there can be a variety of difficult air actions, providing higher space.

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