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How to design children's play facilities to attract more tourists?

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How to design children's play facilities to attract more tourists?

The beautiful environment and rich activity venues can help children integrate into the environment more quickly and better integrate with other children. In this way, the children will remember this beautiful place more, the children like it, and the parents will of course be more happy. So, a fun playground is crucial, the playground core isRidesOnly the design is uniqueRidesIn order to better create a fun playground.

    Children's playgrounds can have crawling, high slopes, beaches, stainless steel slides, naughty castles, etc.Rides. But, want to make your children more brave, cheerful, and adventurous? What kind of childRidesWill it be welcomed? Looking at these children of different ages, tailoring the creativity and personalized design of children may be instructive.

    Today, many families have only one child. Although the second child has been fully opened, people's economic conditions may not allow the birth of a second child for the time being, which will further increase the burden on the family. Therefore, parents are doing their best to provide the best for children, and the designers of children's play equipment should regard safety and shape and space as the main factors of design.

   Love nature, love life, this is the pure happiness and carefree childhood that designers want to bring to every child. This is also the life that every designer pursues. This is also the pursuit of non-standard custom amusement.

    In order to design an attractive and satisfying interest for the children, the designer created an organic structure to meet more game features. Children can climb into the equipment to play. However, these game methods are not obvious. It needs to wait for the children to discover and experience the fun of exploration.

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1. Enhance color and attract attention

Because children are sensitive to color and shape, bright and lively colors and diverse shapes are more attractive to children's eyes and also enhance children's cognitive ability. Different colors can be distinguished by different colors. It not only increases the characteristics of the venue to attract children, but also brings more colorful psychological feelings and gaming experience.

     Color Control: Color is the most obvious hint. Using color-division areas allows children to quickly create spatial intent and actively participate in activities. In general, red and yellow give a warm feeling, while having a sense of proximity, will make the child more excited, which is beneficial to play; and cyan, blue and green give a cold feeling, although It creates a sense of distance, but it makes the child calm and soothing, easy to learn and think; light colors such as white, light blue, and light yellow give a relaxed feeling.

    Studies have shown that children aged 3-8 prefer red, while children over 8 prefer green.

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2. A clear theme - "fun"

    For children's play equipment, whether the device is "fun" is always the most critical issue, and this "fun" can usually be achieved by creating a unique theme. Exaggerated shapes, strange facilities, and the playfulness that they usually can't experience often keep their children excited.

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