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How to determine the reasonable price given by the outdoor equipment supplier?

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How to determine the reasonable price given by the outdoor equipment supplier?

Outdoor play equipment is already a very popular outdoor sports rides, and each family has also been developed with the economic development, and they have new improvements in the educational model of children, more open to European and American education. Parents let the children play freely in the outdoor amusement park, meet more friends. But when children are playing, their most worrying thing is the safety quality of the equipment, whether to contain toxic substances and so on.

Therefore, as a purchaser of outdoor equipment and investors must have a keen insight to analyze if a supplier gives the price of high quality, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly equipment. Companically, the usage rate is higher, the price is higher. I don't know how to judge the price of the equipment given by the outdoor equipment supplier, and Xiaobang tells you.

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There are many factors affecting the price of outdoor play facilities, and it cannot be generalized. It is reasonable to judge whether the price given by the outdoor play facility supplier is reasonable, and the specific factors can be determined by the following factors.

1. Material: At present, most outdoor play equipment facilities are all domestic autonomous production and development and foreign imported facilities materials. The price difference between the two is also more obvious, and the difference may be a few hundred yuan or even thousands of yuan per square meter. . All in all, not all outdoor equipment requires high-priced materials, it is best to be able to judge their own venues.

2. Production Process: Since the use process of the products produced by each supplier is large, the price is very obvious, such as an example of outdoor rope network equipment. Nowadays, few manufacturers can make pure handmade, all of which are produced by the mutual binding form of manual plus machine. This requires the higher power requirements for manual production, the higher the price.

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3. Market demand supply: Nowadays, the domestic economy is developing very rapidly, and outdoor amusement park equipment requires constant independent innovation. Different types of amusement facilities are also very large. If the market is shipped or in short supply, the price will have a more obvious upside up. But there is a certain price range in the equipment in the amusement industry. It is definitely not higher than this price, or is lower than this price. Detailed consultation can consult Domestic High-end Brand Tuo Amusement Equipment Toy Co., Ltd.

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