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How to distinguish between an electric play equipment?

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How to distinguish between an electric play equipment?

Now as long as a child playing equipment believes that many people will not be strange, no matter what they are in the playground or in the park scenic spot, they can see their figure. Deluxe electric small trains, rotating amusement planes are more common in the market, but if you have an idea to invest in children's play park, you don't know how to distinguish an electric play equipment, this can be troublesome. So today, the music map children's play equipment manufacturers bring you, how to distinguish the quality of the play equipment?

This article contains the following

1 look at the overall appearance of the play equipment

2 See the production material of the product

3 Whether the motor and control system of the product are intact

4 View products related certificates

Small engineer Figure 1

First, see the overall appearance of the play equipment

The main crowd of children's play equipment is a child, so regardless of the facilities that are seating facilities or a jumping, they need to be bright and bright. When the children saw these play equipment, they were deeply attracted to them, and they wanted to jump to try, so our purpose was reached. This is also a primary requirement for the production of suppliers of children's play equipment, and there must be a certain sense to meet the needs of the market.

Second, see product production materials

If the appearance of a rides and the cabins are used in glass steel, then this is the manufacturer that can be worthy of trust. Because of the use of glass steel material, the product will not fade, whether it is in the outdoor or indoor, the color is still as bright. At the same time, the shape of the glass steel is hard, and the use is very long. A good FRP product must require the surface smooth and scratch, and the thickness is colored.

Third, the product's motor and control system are intact

The electrical system and quality of foreign electricity multi-child play equipment have an excessive relationship. If the system has problems, the play equipment will not start, and there is a problem. So a quality of rides will definitely match a reasonable electrical system.

Small engineer Figure 4

Fourth, check the relevant certificate of the product

The production of amusement equipment is definitely inventory of production and certification. Only when you get the relevant production proof to go to the street stall, a manufacturer's customization also needs to have relevant production proof.

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