How to do the water park closing period

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How to do the water park closing period

Most of the time, we paid attention to the scene of the water park people, in fact, after the water park is closed, it is worth paying attention to operators. The closed garden of the water park is not to put the gate of the park. All operations platforms have been posted on a closed garden. I want to continue to be hot in the second year, and there is also some homework and measures.

This article contains the following:

1, venue utilization

2, equipment maintenance problem

3, employee placement problem

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First, the site utilization

From the perspective of geographical conditions, most of the water park is close to the urban area, convenient transportation, and the area area has certain passenger flow capacity. During the closed garden, you can properly engage in some activities. Such as building kart runways, CS venue transformation, light show, flower exhibition, festive activities (such as Mid-Autumn Festival, riddle), literary performances, etc. Site utilization can be referred to during the park closion.

Second, equipment maintenance issues

After the water park is closed, how to make the equipment safe in the winter, in the northern cold area, should pay more attention to this problem.

Water park is also a professional engineering, such as:

1. Check the appearance and water treatment equipment of the water slide

When checking the water play equipment such as the slide, we must see if the sharp edge, sharp corners, burrs, leakage phenomenon, if there is crack slide segment should be repaired, if necessary, the slide interface is not smooth, the boss or leakage should be timely deal with. Check if the water treatment equipment is operating normally, guarantees the water supply of the moistening water and the slide pool, and if the pool surface finds cracks, defects, falling and other phenomena, it must be repaired immediately.

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2, check the connection and load bearing components

Check the connecting parts and load bearing members of the water play equipment, the loose connectors should be tightened regularly, and the load-bearing member should be carefully examined. If the structure has cracking, bending deformation, it should be replaced in time.

3, check underwater lighting

Some water park play equipment require underwater lighting, and lighting must be checked to ensure the integrity, sealing and insulation of the lighting equipment, which must meet the requirements.

Third, employee resettlement problem

After the summer peak operation, after the medium-sized water park, the entire operation management team may need to have hundreds, how should these employees placed? Closed employee wages are also a unclear burden on enterprises. If you are relocating in place, you need to re-recruitment, training, and new employees in the second year of operation require a transition period for the entire park. This is the problem that the operator must consider.

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