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How to furniture outdoor forests in kindergartens, mainly

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How to furniture outdoor forests in kindergartens, mainly

It is now very popular in kindergarten outdoor forest this gameplay because it allows children to actually experience outdoor feelings. So now the kindergarten will deliberately create such space, so that children further enhance their integrated capabilities in nature. But this outdoor forest should be arranged, and there is also a certain amount. The first is the overall security, and the funness and knowledge of the play equipment are the problems that need to be considered in the arrangement. And now kindergarten education focuses on expanding, so it is also necessary to integrate these aspects when laying. So how do you arrange it?

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How to arrange the forest outdoor forest in kindergartenexpandMainly

First, the placement of equipment is reasonable

In the outdoor forest, you can usually see swings or slides and climbing equipment, etc., they are all existing. So when placing, considering the specific interval distance. Because if you have too far, you will make your child feel very tired, so you will be very tired, you can't get a good effect. If it is too close, it is easy to crash, so choose a moderate distance to make placed. In addition, the coherence of the equipment and the order of order can make children experience the happiness in these devices, which is also some aspects of careful design.

Second, safety should be done

Because it is outdoors, sometimes there will be many uncertain situations. In this context, first plan to plan a general range of outdoor forests, then use the protective network to isolate. This will prevent the child to run the field of view and avoid some things in the outside world to affect the safety of children. In addition, the safety of the equipment itself, it is not possible to have sharp outstanding objects, and the part of the connection should be smooth, so that the child is still without security during entertainment. Including the height placed in the equipment, it is also suitable for the age of the child, so that it will not fall from above, it will not fall.

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How to furniture outdoor forests in kindergartens, mainly

With such an outdoor forest, the child has a new direction. This is more than the traditional kindergarten grows more than the child's growth, because the outdoor has become a direction in this era. Can provide them with such an environment, which is both beneficial to their physical and mental health, can also exercise their capacity, is indeed a lot of parents want to see.

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