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How to judge outdoor children's equipment manufacturers quality

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How to judge outdoor children's equipment manufacturers quality

Now the market is uniform in the market, and many equipment produced by many manufacturers are also very gap. I want to buy a good play equipment. How to distinguish between the play equipment manufacturers, let's take a look at these aspects.

This article contains the following:

First, manufacturers qualification

Second, product quality

Third, research and development design strength

Fourth, after-sales service

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1, manufacturer qualification

The products produced by the manufacturer must have production licenses, materials and processes must meet national standards. There is no qualification, no security, there will be certain risks. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer of children's play equipment, it is necessary to allow manufacturers to provide business qualifications and qualifications, verify the strength of the manufacturer.

2, product quality

Children's play equipment should first examine product quality, the safety of children's play equipment is the most important, and the quality of product quality determines whether the children's paradise will grow long. So when you purchase a product, please please provide information such as product test reports.

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3, research and development design strength

At the time, the renewal of the product is naturally very fast. This also tests the strength, research and development and design power of the manufacturer and the times, according to the needs of the market and children, choose R & D and design entertainment, interactive, scientific education. Entertainment equipment.

4, after-sales service

The optional after-sales service is also important, generally including equipment installation, equipment maintenance. Before buying products, you should ask, install, repair, quality assurance, etc., it is worth it. A good factory after-sales service is relatively perfect, not only after the after-sales service is complete, but also in the early stage of the venue planning design, according to customer needs customization, this is also an embodiment of manufacturers.

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