How to judge the quality of stainless steel slides? Need to consider these

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How to judge the quality of stainless steel slides? Need to consider these

Now the stainless steel slide in many children's paradise has become very common. It is already one of the popular equipment in the slide market. As a operator knows the quality of the slide, it can choose better, or the latter business risk Reduce, parents, know how to determine the quality, to some extent, can reduce the child's injury, let the child enter the children's paradise factory area, can be self-judging, if the risk is high, then you should give up the play, Let's take a look at this aspect.

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How to judgeStainless steel slideGood and bad? Need to consider these

First, we must consider whether there is a standard in compliance with the child's climbing. Because there are different cognitions in different ages, and if there is an unreasonable phenomenon, it will cause damage to the child, the meaning of the slide is to let children Get joy, if this original intention is lost, then its existence is not big, so the material must pass, and the durability must be reliable, the whole slide is not sharp, because the child has a lot The impact, but there is a sharp edge, the child collides, then it will bring a very serious harm. Whether it is for the operator or parent teachers, any sharp part should be handled, Let it completely disappear, such as slides, the screws in the Shiling process can ruin the child's skin, scratch the child's clothes, so they must pay attention to these small details when they observe, although most slides are welded But sometimes it is necessary to use a screw connection.

And when you let your child play, you should also view the quotation and success of the funny manufacturers, and to pass the safety production functions report. From the choice of the market, the more reliability will naturally High, if the manufacturer has a safety accident, then it should be careful, because it is very likely that the product quality is not limited.

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How to judge the quality of stainless steel slides? Need to consider these

The design of children's slides directly affects the quality of the slide, so we should know other contents of stainless steel slide judgment rules, and And visit some cases of successful operations, which will be very good choice.

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