How to maintain outdoor toys in the kindergarten? Can make life longer

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How to maintain outdoor toys in the kindergarten? Can make life longer

Now every kindergarten outdoors, there are outdoor toys, such as slides, wooden riding, etc. Many kindergarten teachers are certainly unfamiliar with these outdoor equipment, and how to use certain understandings. However, I sometimes maintain these toys in order to extend its service life, I am afraid that most people are not particularly clear. Their most thought that it is usually wiped up, and it is good. This kind of thing, how much is it simple, let Xiaobian explains how to maintain outdoor toys.

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How to maintainKindergarten outdoor toys? Can make life longer

Let the children use these toys, that is, if they want to guarantee the safety of them, this time the quality of playing equipment must pass. Then these play devices require regular inspections, especially those plastic slides, after all, this safety is relatively low. Especially the children are also more powerful, long, long, and wear.

At this time, I have to see if there is a damaged place. If there is anything, I will change it in time, don't have a security hazard. However, this does not represent iron toys, there is no problem. At this time, check whether the paint is complete, whether there is a broken place. If any, the lacquer is replaced in time. Sometimes if you don't remedy in time, it may be more destroyed!

Of course, there will be places where children climb, mainly to exercise their activities! When this toy is usually playing, you must check it in time and see if there is any shaking. If you find a problem, you should replace it in a timely manner. Another point is that these paste is more taboo to encounter acid-resistant items, so that it will corrode its correlation. In this case, it will naturally be greatly reduced its useful life.

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How to maintain outdoor toys in the kindergarten? Can make life longer

Relatively speaking, the safety of wooden toy equipment is relatively high, but don't relax your vigilance. Usually need to brush protective paint regularly, which will be more long. Usually, it is probably painted once every six months, which can prevent it from cracking. However, when this is used, you have to look at there is shaking. If there is, you may wish to hold the nail inlaid. Three years of repairing complements, it is such a truth!

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