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How to protect your child's safety when playing outdoor play equipment?

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How to protect your child's safety when playing outdoor play equipment?

    Regarding the safety precautions for children playing indoor amusement equipment, everyone should know more about it. Xiaobian has also spent a lot of space to introduce this in detail. In fact, compared with indoor play equipment, the incidence of safety accidents in outdoor play equipment is much higher, and it should be paid more attention to parents and friends.Non-standard amusement + Chengdu Wanhua Grand Slide + Expansion (4)

    In general, kindergartens, parks, communities and other venues have outdoor play equipment. The more common outdoor play equipment mainly includes plastic combination slides, wooden combination slides, stainless steel slides, seesaws, swings, trampolines, climbing frames, climbing walls, children's development projects and so on.

Due to the limitations of the venue, outdoor amusement equipment is mostly used to protect children's safety through paving plastic on the ground. There are few safety equipment such as nets and guardrails. Moreover, outdoor play equipment itself is a play device with a high risk factor. Therefore, children are more prone to accidents while playing outdoor play equipment. So how do we protect children's safety when playing outdoor play equipment?

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I. Equipment Provider's Responsibilities and Obligations

    Some of the outdoor play equipment are free for children, and some are paid for, whether free or paid. These outdoor play equipment providers are directly responsible for the safety of children.

    For the safety of children's play, equipment providers must strictly control the quality when purchasing outdoor play equipment, and purchase some outdoor amusement equipment with good quality and durability. At the same time, equipment providers are also required to regularly check and repair these outdoor play equipment.

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    In addition, for the paid outdoor play equipment, such as the now popular outdoor children's development project, in addition to providing a safe and secure play environment, the operators also need to ensure the safety of the children during the play. Before the child begins to experience, be sure to repeatedly confirm that the safety equipment is strong and effective, and also inform the child of the basic rules of play.

Second, parents must do a good job in supervision

    In general, free outdoor rides do not have staff. The safety of children lies mainly in the care of parents. Parents who take their children to play outdoor play projects must keep up with the children's pace and do a good job of supervision. Be aware that many security incidents occur when you are caught off guard. One does not pay attention, the child will hang up.Non-standard ride + Huaxi Happy Farm Paradise + Outdoor Playground Equipment (12)

    Of course, even for paid outdoor rides, the supervision of parents is equally important. There have been times when children are playing with children, because the safety belt that the staff gave the children is not strong enough, causing the child to fall from high altitude and die. Therefore, the safety of the child cannot be fully handed over to the staff, and the parents themselves must also do the safety confirmation work.

Third, the child must abide by the rules of the game

    Regardless of the type of play, if you do not follow the rules of the equipment, it is easy to happen. Therefore, parents must always keep their children in strict accordance with the rules.Non-standard ride + frog combination park + slide + children's play facilities (5)

    When playing in the sand pool, you must not use sand to scatter others; when playing a slide, avoid slipping from the low end of the slide, avoiding the behavior of the pyramids; when playing the seesaw, avoid excessive force and must catch Hold the handle; when playing the swing, make sure there are no other people around, so as not to hurt others during the swing swing, and you must not let go during the swing swing; when playing the stainless steel slide, do not hold the steel plate with your hand. In order to avoid friction between the skin and the steel plate, it is broken....Letu non-standard amusement + stainless steel slide + Hangzhou West Lake scenic slope slide - (1)

    Outdoor play equipment does not have a variety of frame frames, allowing children to breathe fresh air while enjoying the game, but at the same time, it also carries high risks. Only the outdoor play equipment is safe and secure, the children can strictly abide by the rules of play, parents can do the safety guardian work, and the children's outdoor play equipment experience is more secure and secure.


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