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How to solve the bottleneck in the play industry?

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How to solve the bottleneck in the play industry?

Every bottleneck is encountered between the people who are optimistic about investment projects. Due to the attention of the children's play industry in recent years, they have also become a current investment. But some investors blindly follow the style of the park, which will be officially opened, soon leading to not good operation, forced to close. In fact, the investment amusement industry is very simple, but it is inevitable to have some difficulties and bottlenecks. As long as these bottlenecks are properly processed, give a certain plan, as long as you operate your own paradise, you can return to this short time. In the amusement industry, I encountered difficulties in how to solve it, Xiaobian organized the following programs, I hope to have some help you.

This article contains the following

1. Avoid a constant investment direction

2. Amusement equipment selection needs to be determined in advance and group

3. Improve the capacity of operating business

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First, avoid a constant investment direction

The amusement industry is located in the Chaoyang industry, and the profit is certain. But not every place is suitable for building a playground. For example, in a small city, there are five amusement parks. If you still want to build this time, it is not appropriate, must be careful. Do you have enough confidence to stand out in many playgrounds? Therefore, when I decided to build a playground, I must first do a good job in market investigation and can't blindly follow the style. It is necessary to accurately grasp the direction of the market development and regularity to win.

Second, play equipment selection needs to be determined in advance and group

Many investors have no experience in the choice of amusement equipment. Which equipment is not easy, what kind of equipment is welcome? In the face of these problems, the operators need to do a good job in the demand project according to their own playground, and cannot choose a play equipment from its own perspective. For example, you can visit the survey through the online market, observing the needs of the play equipment in different playgrounds.

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Third, improve the operation of the place

Good playground operation experience is enough to improve the operational ability of the location, such as holiday marketing is a focus on the revenue of the playground. Many playgrounds have long-term dependence on the benefits of holidays, and the earnings income of weekdays are ignored. Such operational methods actually there is a certain problem. If the breakpoint is not recyclable, then the whole experience will be disconnected, resulting in the playground unable to continue profit.

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