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How to use the National Day to do a good job in the marketing of children's playgrounds?

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How to use the National Day to do a good job in the marketing of children's playgrounds?

As everyone knows, there are now many children's playgrounds that have a popular tourists during the holiday season, and therefore gain a certain income income. Modern children's playgrounds have also been forced to compress profit income with continuous improvement of operating costs, and the advantages of holidays cannot be obtained higher income. But the National Day is coming, but you can use these favorable advantages to do marketing, such as experience marketing, membership system marketing. Let's take a look at which high tricks in Xiaobian allow you to get higher income!

This article contains the following

Experience marketing

2. Member system marketing

3. WeChat friends circle recommended marketing

First, experience marketing

Many entrepreneurs will choose a free experience in the opening of a free experience. In fact, this is a better way to open the market, parents and children can get this opportunity to play in a free form. I am very happy, then Plus a variety of fun and interesting small gifts are more likely to enhance the effect of reputation publicity. At the same time, it is also possible to find the role of continuous consumption through the observation of the target customer population.

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Second, membership system marketing

The member system is the basic marketing tool for any industry. Through the membership platform, there is a chance to communicate with customers, attract all the goals of the customer to our products and services, allowing customers to continue to consumption in the offer. Various free event invitation, promoting more than one of children and parents members. Children's brand play join will become stronger because of a huge member system.

Third, WeChat friends circle recommended marketing

Calling friends to get a discount, let the old customers invite new customers to play in the children's playground, they will get a surprise gift package, at the same time, as long as the old customers come in the WeChat friends, the H5 page of our activities can also be 3 days. Get discounts. A friend circle is actually more powerful, because friends around you have experienced experience, more trustworthiness.

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How to use the National Day to do a good job in the marketing of children's playgrounds, in summary, it is considered that you can make certain assignments these 8 days, don't always think about how much money you have to earn during this period, but also need to think How to attract more local precision passengers, prepare for future peak operations.

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