Indoor Children's Paradise Beijing skyline indoor competitive trampoline paradise

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Indoor Children's Paradise Beijing skyline indoor competitive trampoline paradise

    SkylineCompetitive trampolineSpecific locationIn ChangpingThe seven districts in the north of the district were opened by several partners. Before the boss opened, he said,Competitive trampolineThe sport has become quite popular abroad, but the penetration rate in China is too low, and there are only 6-7 in Beijing. The boss is a fan who likes to play extreme sports, and is committed to creating one of the biggest in Beijing.Competitive trampolineSports base. This oneCompetitive trampolineThe overall style design, every bit by bit is the boss personally involved in planning and design.

Large trampoline + naughty castle + combination slide

Competitive trampolineThe entire venue is divided into adult and children's areas. There are 8 trampolines in the adult area, which is the most in all trampoline sports in Beijing. The experience is quite good. There is a sponge pool outside the trampoline. The sponge pool also has a step dedicated to practicing the fall and falling free fall. It is a cool and exciting thing to fall from above. There is also a trampoline athlete retired from the Zhejiang Sports School, specializing in guiding the trampoline. Skyline has basic motion training and professional skills training to meet the needs of players of different ages and different technical levels.

Trampoline Park + Stainless Steel Slide + Climbing

The boss said that the initial site selection is particularly important becauseCompetitive trampolineThe height requirements of the site are very high. The vertical height of the shop's trampoline to the ceiling is 9 meters. Considering the consideration of air conditioning and rent, it is difficult to find a reasonable venue in Beijing, so it is inevitable to choose the storefront far away, but According to the boss, they have positioned themselves in Tiantongyuan and Huilongguan, the largest communities in Asia. There is no shortage of corresponding people, so it is obvious that the boss has considered the optimal solution.

Outdoor trampoline + outdoor naughty castle + children's playground

Trampoline sports safety tips

1. To wear special trampoline socks,Competitive trampolineGenerally available for sale to maintain good grip and ensure safety.

2. Before you enter the store, you should store the items and empty the contents of your pocket. It is best to take the glasses off.

3. Don't wear too tight jeans, oversized clothes, or clothing with sharp zippers and buttons;

4. When bouncing down, be careful to land with your feet or hips.

5. If you need a break, don't beCompetitive trampolineStay on it to avoid danger.

Stainless steel slide + non-standard custom + art climbing

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