Indoor Children's Paradise Guaranteed Amusement Equipment

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Indoor Children's Paradise Guaranteed Amusement Equipment

The indoor children's play equipment is highly valued by more and more investors due to their low risk, strong control, fast, and returning a lot of investors.

However, many people have such questions. How much is the investment of children's play equipment? What material is made? Today we introduce the materials of the following paradise equipment! Of course, the price of different materials is of course different!

Indoor Children's Paradise has wooden amusement equipment, stainless steel play equipment, soft bag play equipment, plastic amusement equipment and other standard amusement equipment, according to the use of materials into FRP slides, plastic slides, stainless steel slides and PVC leather slides.

This article contains the following:

1, slide

2, ocean ball

3, trampoline

4, net

5, marine ball blower

6, electric amusement equipment

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First, slide

Slide is the standard playing equipment of the indoor children's paradise. Based on the use of materials, it is generally divided into FRP slides, plastic slides, stainless steel slides and PVC leather slides.The glass steel slide is mainly a roller slide, a plastic slide with a straight slide, a roller slide and a spiral slide, and an open large slide in the millions of marine balls and the most popular devil slides, these two slides are made of PVC. Multiple.In these three materials, the glass steel slide is low, the cost-effective, the plastic slide is most durable, the decline is more smooth, the appearance of the PVC leather slide is more beautiful and fashionable, and the more popular materials in the slide in the past two years.

Two ocean balls

Ocean balls can be used with a variety of play equipment, one of the more popular products of the indoor children's paradise. Marine balls that meet the safety standards are blown from the CHS-350MMPP material to avoid the dangers of children's swallowing, require specifications∮80mm. Tips, cheap marine balls are more likely to be bad, you can't use one or two months, you have to throw it out and you have to buy it.

Three 丶 trampoline

Whether it is single trampoline or super large trampoline, elastic cloth and spring quality directly affect children's trampoline experience and amusement safety. The trampoline meets the safety standard elastic cloth is the PP elastic cloth imported in the United States, which is well elastic, and can effectively relieve the pressure of the knee and ankle, avoid bounce to the child's harm. The spring is an electroplating spring and a longer service life.

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Four, net

Net cages are fun and challenging, and it is the most favorite of big children. Net cages are mainly made of stainless steel frames and ships with cables, high strength, not easily deformed, not easy to worn.

Five, marine ball blowing machine

For marine balls, the ocean ball blower can be said to be a function. Comparative marine ball blowers have two types of stainless steel quality and soft bag. More interesting in stainless steel, and the soft bag is higher. For some indoor children's paradise in some venues, it is generally not recommended to place stainless steel marine ball blowers. Children's collision events are prone to a small space.

6. Electric play equipment

Electric amusement equipment is an indispensable existence in the indoor children's paradise. Customers can choose from their own play equipment.

Understanding the material of the indoor children's paradise play equipment also helps the daily maintenance and maintenance of the play equipment, which helps to extend the service life of the play equipment.

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