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Indoor water park

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Indoor water park

The indoor water park is getting more and more popular with parents and children. The primary benefit is that indoor water parks can be opened in the past four seasons, and they are also very popular, do not consider the placement of off-season equipment and employees.

This article contains the following:

1, indoor water park advantage

2, custom process

3, water park marketing method

Water Slide + Water Amusement Equipment + Children's Play Facilities (8)

First, indoor water park advantage

1. The cost is very low, only about 50% of the traditional buildings;

2. Operation of the four seasons in the year, changing the shortcomings of the traditional water world affected by the season, recover the long-term investment cycle;

3. Construction is fast, general construction cycle 3-6 months;

4. Structure service life is more than 30 years;

5. Automated constant temperature and humidity, full heat exchange control system, will reduce energy to the end;

6. With good insulation, high light transmissive performance, do not turn on light during the day, energy saving and environmental protection;

7. There is no column in the room, the design layout is more, the space is used.

Second, custom procedures

First: Select style and propose production requirements;

Step 2: According to the design map and production requirements, calculate the price, calculate the processing cycle;

Step 3: Photographed goods, price payment;

Step 4: After the production is completed, the physical photo is taken, please buyers accept the delivery, the delivery, the delivery, large logistics delivery

Step 5: Confirm the receipt and praise, the transaction is completed.

Water Slide + Water Amusement Equipment + Children's Play Facilities (25)

Third, the water park marketing method

1. Theme packaging

The competition of the future water park must be the competition of the theme culture, the storyline and theme packaging is always a weapon in the market competition in the water park, which has a great advantage of improving the resequence rate of family tourists.

2. Product portfolio

Traditional water park products basically have only water entertainment projects, and highlighting competitive advantages can work hard from product portability. Water Park Equipment + Indoor Family Amusement + Aquarium + Performing Arts and other product portfolios, suitable for people at all levels of people at all levels.

3. Secondary consumption

It is easy to do secondary consumption. It is not easy. The focus is the planning of the park operation point. According to passenger flow lines and traffic, planning catering, shopping, performances, booths and other secondary consumer operation points.

4. Management Services

The water park in the three or four-tier cities is generally managed, and the service awareness is behind. To win in a fierce market competition, hire a professional operation management team, and it is also a very effective means for service.

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