Inflatable water park planning

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Inflatable water park planning

What is the most popular amusement device now? There is no doubt that it is to move the water park project, and the requirements for the location are more flexible, and they can be determined according to the actual situation of their own places.

This article contains the following:

1. Try not to have slope as much as possible

2, the ground should be flat as possible

3, the venue is not necessary to use pool hardening

4, parking is convenient

5, supporting facilities must

6, transportation is convenient

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First, try not to have slope as much as possible

Try to avoid the use of a slope, the other end is low. There are three reasons: First, the pool is unbalanced. The force of the large stent pool is mainly based on the bracket and the pool wall, the venue has a slope, after installing water, there will be water to low, the water level will be low, the low-end pool steel frame and pool pressure Excessive, safe hidden dangers. Second, tourists are easily injured. This material will be very smooth after encountering water. Even if the ground is flat, the tourists are not easy to stand in the pool. In the inclined pool, visitors cannot stand up normally, which is easy to accelerate fatigue, causing unexpected situations. Furthermore, tourists play in the pool and will inevitably cause some water waves. In the inclined pool, it is easy to form a water wave on one side of the water level, and the bracket may be overturned.

Second, the ground should be flat as possible

Inflatable Water Park is the main business project with PVC clip mesh products such as inflatable slide, inflatable pool and stent pool, such materials, not afraid of water, not afraid of sun, but fear sharp objects. Therefore, when looking for the site, or when processing the site, you must try to flatten the site, clear the sharp objects such as the stone on the site, which facilitates the maintenance of the product, and on the other hand, it can guarantee tourists during operation. Safety.

Third, the venue is not necessary to use pool hardening

There is a pool hardening venue, but there is no ground-hardware ground that is hardened with pool, nor is it necessary to use the water park. Just do the surface treatment of this ground to meet or adapt to the business needs of the water park.

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Fourth, parking is convenient

The more players attracted by the inflatable water park, the greater the demand for parking. Reserved a suitable parking lot is an important location that is embodied in the field when operating, and it is also an important position to attract manufacturers to put on-site ads.

V. Supporting facilities

Supporting facilities include drainage, diet, power, etc., convenient, safe and complete.

Six, transportation is convenient

The position is not terrible, and it is most uncomfortable without the way. Being able to promote it, but there is no ability to make tourists come in, that is the most sad thing.

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