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Introduction to Water Park Amusement Equipment

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Introduction to Water Park Amusement Equipment

The configuration of the water park equipment has also undergone great changes in recent years, and the body contact slide is increasing, and more is inclined to the water slide combination in large composite motion forms. At the same time, the configuration of the water park equipment should consider family consumption groups, and all-in-one family play facilities are equipped with both men and women, avoiding equipment stacking, and has sufficient secondary development space.

Project settings are unique, study and analyze the needs and feelings of consumer groups, set unique novel water amusement equipment and multi-function entertainment projects, with their own highlights and unique, improve business competitiveness, let tourists feel water Entertainment.

There are many kinds of water amusement equipment that can be configured, usually composed of water slides, water sprinkles, and avetine. Investors can flexibly combine it as needed.

This article contains the following:

1, pirate ship

2, play pool

3, water spray equipment

4, interactive water

5, water conservancy project

Water Slide + Water Amusement Equipment + Children's Play Facilities (33)

First, pirate ship

The storyline of the pirate ship is designed, and the water slide of different high and low shapes is designed, bringing the pleasure of high-speed sports to the child, which is more irritating than other projects, is one of the water play equipment welcomed by children.

Second, the play pool

The pool is shallow, and the 3-8-year-old child is playing, there is a lot of toys and equipment with a lot of play and equipment inner.

Third, water water equipment

Also known as the drama, the general title of various small water sprinkles, rich in content, appearance, and a variety of fun playing aquatic combination is popular with children and parents.

Water Slide + Water Amusement Equipment + Children's Play Facilities (25)

Fourth, interactive water

Our designers give venue more parent-child spatial properties to create more parent-child interactive space. Compliance with the concept of outdoor children's growth park, the marine bio dolphins and the sky-moon elements are quoted to the paradise, eliminating geography and biological distances, increasing freedom and new ideas in still monotonous life.

V. Water Conservancy Project

Curiosity is the tender bud of children, the child's understanding of the world is from curiosity, the world is so strange, fresh, which is the driving force for the mysteriest exploration of the world.

By transferring the water flow, it flows faster or slower or intercepted. Let the child experience different water trajectories from the shape formed, let the children have been scientific by playing.

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