Investing in children have no power outdoor playground to pay for money, need to find the reason from these aspects!

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Investing in children have no power outdoor playground to pay for money, need to find the reason from these aspects!

It has always been a more good investment project in people's heart, but the investment outdoor playground is also a lot of detailed components. Many investors are inquiry if they are not very practical experience. Just do it. In fact, there is a certain risk, which may be profitable but may also lose money. If there is a loss of money, you must find the in-depth reasons. Today, Music Xiaobian will come to analyze the following investment invested and invested money outdoor playground. What are you looking for?

This article contains the following

1. Early address selection

2. Decoction is simple and rough

3. The playground equipment is single without highlights

4. Marketing Dead Customer

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Early address selection

Outdoor unstimed playground is a living industry, if there is no passenger flow, it will affect the profit income, so it is also necessary to analyze whether it is accurate in the early selection of addresses. If it is in the post-operation process, it is the name of the address. Wrong, then the way you need to solve can promote the advantages and services of your playground through a lot of advertising.

Simple decoration

Regardless of the industry, it will pay more attention to fine decoration, especially in the catering industry and amusement industries, people themselves are spending for services. If the overall environment is not good enough, it will seriously affect the desire of customers' second-time consumption. The renovation of the children's playground needs to be dealt with clean, bright, clean, comfortable, generous details. The decoration is actually a reasonable layout decoration based on the requirements of the site design.

Playground equipment single highlights

Outdoor No Powerful Children's Playground is a large integrated amusement park, which requires diversification, no matter whether it is the design or equipment of the equipment, more points. In particular, the singleness of the product needs to be resolved as soon as possible. If it is found that the single highlight of the equipment has caused tourists to play playgrounds, then you need to contact our manufacturers as soon as possible, and prepare for equipment replacement.

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Marketing dead board customer dislike

If the marketing of the non-powered playground must be diversified, such as the sales price of the membership card, whether it is cost-effective, and handles multiple membership cards have advantageous activities. If it is just a traditional marketing method to attract customers, it will make customers feel that the operation of the playground is not active and cannot attract passenger flow. Therefore, you can use a free play to attract the customer to the store to consume or even do a card.

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