Is China like European national play equipment? There is very different

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Is China like European national play equipment? There is very different

China is currently developing countries, which not only includes GDP, but also science and technology. Especially in some aspects, it is far from Europe and the United States, which includes no powerful amusement facilities, with great differences from European and American countries. Xiaobian briefly introduces it, I hope to deepen everyone's understanding.

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Is China like European national play equipment? There is very different

First, it is standard measurement

China'sPlayground EquipmentIf exports to the EU, you need to handle relevant CE certifications, measure according to EN176. This certification body is actually identified by the authority of Germany, and the EU must request. US inspection also requires certain relevant standards, that is, ASTMF_1487, this is two standards currently applied to the world, most of the state is also very recognized.

China's measurement standard is actually very mandatory, but it is recommended by the state and can only play a reference. In fact, for later implementation, supervision, etc., it will not control more strict, maybe no one can manage it. This industry is not particularly high in China's security, and natural is also a big discount. It is not difficult to explain why security accidents often occur, and there is no attention to the attention of relevant departments.

Second, it is intellectual property issue

China's romance facilities are largely, both in simulating the United States. Since 1990, this industry is the first time, it is just a small workshop, and the popular zone is in Hong Kong, and there is also the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong. In other words, our China's self-service design products are particularly small, and there are many things that are simulated others.

When China held a related fair, it is not difficult to find that the relevant products produced in this industry are similar, and the simulation is particularly high. This is also our defect, worthy of great improvement.

Third, the structure quality

When Europe and the United States have relevant parts, they have their own standards, requiring high. This must be made in Germany, Germany, and the quality is good. Although China's slides are very similar, internal structural design is really problematic. Especially like those intensity, the accessories that are easy to damage are not produced in China.

Fourth, it is a problem

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Is China like European national play equipment? There is very different

At present, European slides have many manufacturers, and they have developed in this regard. Have their own representatives, so many Chinese manufacturers are more envious. China has a big gap in this area, there are many countries in Europe, and there are a lot of effort to East, and they are in imitation them.

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