Is there a security problem with stainless steel slides? How to deal with

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Is there a security problem with stainless steel slides? How to deal with

Many kindergartens are also more cautious when purchasing stainless steel slides. After all, this is related to the safety of children. In the past, the slides will choose the traditional plastic, but it has gradually been eliminated. After all, its quality drawbacks are obvious, especially in outdoor environments, and it is easy to reduce service life through wind and rain. There will be a lot of hidden dangers for children's security issues. Many stainless steel manufacturers have more and more stainless steel slides, and there is also a good guarantee for children's security. There will be a problem at this time, that is, the stainless steel slide is too slippery, what should I deal with?

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Is there a security problem with stainless steel slides? How to deal with

In fact,Stainless steel slipIt is because the technology has reached a certain standard. After all, children like to feel the fun of falling, this is the initial purpose of designing slides. If you have a big frictional force, you will not feel the fun of playing slides. Keep the surface smooth, it is the initial design of the slide. However, there is a certain security issue, sometimes it is too slippery, not necessarily a good thing. It is possible that the children are not sitting stable, they will slip straight, leading to their body injury.

This problem, designers also told and proposed solutions. I don't know if you have noticed that there will be a buffer device in the stainless steel slide. This is also to avoid too smooth, fell too fast, resulting in an unexpected situation. Therefore, there are now many manufacturers to design buffer paths in the elevator, and there is not too steep, such words to solve the problem, and ensure the safety of children. Each stainless steel slide manufacturer is very valued for security issues. Don't cause any safety accident because you are not cautious.

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Is there a security problem with stainless steel slides? How to deal with

Even if the manufacturer does anti-slip treatment for stainless steel slides, it does not mean that there is no loss. Operators need to regularly carry out normal maintenance, because iron things are easily corroded, this is important to pay attention, especially bad weather. The post-maintenance work is also indispensable, especially the regular brush paint, check if there is no rotten place, timely replacement, to ensure that it can use long.

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