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Is there any personalized monomer outdoor play equipment recommended?

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Is there any personalized monomer outdoor play equipment recommended?

Nowado, no powerful amusement equipment has become a kind of benign trend in the development of the market. Most parents take into account the safety of children. They don't trust their children to play large electric play equipment, so personalized monomer outdoor play equipment has become parents. Recommended products. Personalized monomer playing equipment is not only the children's favorite, not only the children's favorite, but also the welcome of investors, then what personalized monomer outdoor play equipment is recommended?

This article contains the following

Personalized high altitude

Single rhythm

Monomer track

Seesaw + rocking horse + swing + slide + swivel chair + transfer horse + children's play equipment LT-QB018

First, personalized high-altitude transmissions

The swing swing in ordinary and rear, can not meet now children to pursue a happy amusement equipment, so music maps are closely designed to design the needs of the market in addition to interactive swing swings. We have given a support point of the entire swing project, and there are 6 people sitting, 8 people sitting rocking seats, and rotate around the stand, this is a hierarchy.

Second, the monomer rhythm swing

Whether it is walking in the park, you can see the children in the sky walk around the skateboard, and the balanced slide has gradually formed a trend. Because this exercise can exercise well, coordination skills, it is highly favored by parents and concerns. However, for the children who are in contact, they will try to balance the skateboard or have a certain risk, and our music map design is the innovative design of the skateboard, which can take the rope to help the auxiliary power, play again. Exercise your own balance.

Swing + slide + rocking horse + seesaw + swivel chair + transfer horse + amusement facility LT-QQ030

Third, the monomer track is rotated

Running, chasing types of equipment is just a carrier who plays children, and helps children thrive in the process of playing play. A variety of different rhythmic equipment, deliver joy and joy along the fixed trajectory, and provide physical fitness for children's health and happiness. Through the form of human-machine interaction, it achieves the purpose of developing children's physical function and will force.

Trometo Amusement is a long-term research and development and production supplier that is committed to outdoor play equipment. We strictly follow the real needs of children, the products developed are integrated into high-end products that are innovative, fun and experiences, which can bring maximum interests to investors.

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