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Kindergarten children's slide purchase small knowledge

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Kindergarten children's slide purchase small knowledge

Kindergarten is the first space experienced by children. In order to make children can be able to have a child's rod, they will be equipped with children's slides in kindergarten. The children have got a good physical exercise while playing slides, and limbs are more flexible. The kindergarten children's slides produced by Music Music Equipment Co., Ltd. are treated with children's cultures in the industry. The game design is full of fun and challenges. That if it is a new kindergarten, how do you buy a slide? Take a look at today's kindergarten children's slide to buy a small knowledge.

Each kindergarten has its own business philosophy and characteristics, venue conditions, and budget for equipment purchases. There may be different size when purchasing a child slide, today's music map will come to tell you about it.

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This article contains the following

1. First determine the positioning requirements of kindergartens

2. Small-scale kindergartens consider integrated indoor and outdoor

3. Strong kindergarten is dominated by custom slide

First, first determine the positioning requirements of kindergartens

First, kindergartens need to do their own positioning, including site conditions, number of kindergartens, purchase budget, and then prepare for the purchase slide. Because children's slides are a large amusement equipment for kindergartens, the venue is needed to be ready in advance, and it is placed on the outdoor playground or indoors. Different kindergartens have their own skills, and the size of the venue will affect the type of slide.

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Second, small-scale kindergartens consider indoor and outdoor synthesis

Second, for some small community kindergartens, in the downtown area, the cost of rent cost is expensive, and the usage rate of the site can be appropriately reduced. For example, you can consider a child slide that is relatively small, or you can choose the indoor child slide. The child slide produced by the music map is now carefully studied. Whether it is a large number of children's slides, you can produce high quality.

Third, the strong kindergarten is based on custom slide

Then, if the financial strength of kindergarten is strong, the kindergarten covers an area is very broad, and the number of students in the campus is more, then a large child combination slide, custom non-standard child slide is also a good choice. Of course, the fund budget may be more expensive than ordinary slides, but the function is rich, complicated, and more in line with the children's preferences.

Map play has many new slide products, which can be customized according to the actual features and advantages of kindergartens. The price is in line with the space selection of kindergarten, and effort and effort.


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