Large climbing rope net

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Large climbing rope net

It can be seen from the child's psychological state that this ability to climb is accompanied by the baby period. It has become very obvious during the child. In life, you can find that young children like to climb from the cradle, while children like to look for high play. It can be seen that the child's behavioral way is to follow the development of psychology and physiology, and the climbing movement is a daily behavioral way, and it is also the need for leisure entertainment.

Large climbing rope net\"网 \" is not a specific form of setting, but provides children who can freely play an infinite possibility of imagination space and exploration. The city of the sky has created a full range of game space, enabling children to play in all places around them.

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Advantages of climbing:

During the climbing process, distance and height are constantly changing, and each climbed to a new height, it will bring new feelings and body faces to the child's visual, which helps the child's space concept. At the same time, the child can also make the child to observe the environment from a new perspective, which is conducive to the exploration of the child to fully satisfy their curious psychology.

When climbing, children need to mobilize the coordination operation of all parts, need to coordinate their hands, feet, eyes, and body, help to exercise children's body coordination, so that their body is more flexible, more agile, and promote Body development has a great advantage.

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The benefits of children's rock climbing are to improve concentration. When you step on the sturdy rock, pay attention to the details of the body on the rock wall, in this point, in this point, it is a great help, which is very helpful to the future learning results.

The benefits of children's rock climbing increases. When you are in the climbing process, is it given up, or continue to stick? It is no complete, there is a good fortune, the sense of honor, and self-transcendence.

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