Le Tu indoor children's paradise large trampoline park Chongqing joyful case

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Le Tu indoor children's paradise large trampoline park Chongqing joyful case

  joy室内儿童蹦床Located in Chongqing Banan Happy Trampoline Hall, the trampoline hall covers an area of ​​2,000 square meters and is currently the largest trampoline in Chongqing.

  Go intoIndoor childrenTrampolineBefore you need to wear special trampoline socks, the rubber granules of the soles of the socks, there is friction and friction on the ground, very fun.

  Once inIndoor childrenTrampolineThe site can be seen in practical projects, including free trampoline open area, happy children's area, trampoline slam dunk area, fancy sponge pool, physical expansion area, climbing area, spider wall area, hand row area, professional trampoline, etc. The variety is quite rich. I really can't say it. As long as I get here, there is absolutely no problem for the whole day. The design of the venue incorporates four attributes of safety, entertainment, competitiveness and comfort. The vast number of play customers bring the latest wave of sports experience abroad. Here is the fieldIndoor childrenTrampolineThe overall rendering of the bed equipment:

Large trampoline + trampoline paradise + children's trampoline

  The室内儿童蹦床It was grandly opened on December 29th, 2017. On the opening day, there was not only a fancy performance by professional coaches, but also the world trampoline champion Gao Lei, who could interact with him to watch his wonderful trampoline performance. World Trampoline Champion Gao Lei has won the "2015 Danish World Championship Men's Online Individual Champion" and "2017 World Trampoline Championship Individual Championship" and other awards In an interview with reporters, Mr. Gao Lei said that he was very happy to see that Chongqing has such a high-quality trampoline sports space and professional service guidance, which can give Chongqing the entertainment capital a richer sports element and give the public a fresher The way of entertainment. The children are vying to take photos with the world champions.

Naughty Fort + Combination Slide + Non-standard Custom

Indoor childrenTrampolineinColorful sandbags, Shaoguan District with peaks and turns, slides up to 5 meters, and endless sponge pools... This is a super playground that you can imagine when you are young. It seems to be here when you return to childhood. Everyone is worry-free. Child care.

Square play + trampoline + indoor naughty castle

  Standing on theIndoor childrenTrampolineYou can lie anywhere, where you can lie, take a few steps to find fun things, not to mention the children screaming everywhere, even the adults are excited to jump to the sky.

It is definitely a good choice to get hot from the trampoline area. The large area of ​​the trampoline is full of flexibility. Up one stop, each person is a little fairy with a light body and leaves the earth's surface in minutes.

Swing flying fish + lifting aircraft + stainless steel slide

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