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Letu indoor children's paradise Gansu Jiuquan love 蹦 PA large trampoline theme park case

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Letu indoor children's paradise Gansu Jiuquan love 蹦 PA large trampoline theme park case

   Love 蹦PATrampoline theme parkLocated at Hongyang Plaza, 50 meters northeast of the intersection of East Square Road and Dunhuang Road in Jiuquan City,Trampoline theme parkCovering an area of ​​1,600 square meters, it is currently the largest trampoline theme park in the Northwest. It is divided into freedomTrampoline theme parkThe open area, the happy children's area, the trampoline slam dunk area, the fancy sponge pool, the physical fitness development area, the climbing area, etc., the venue design incorporates the four attributes of safety, entertainment, competition and comfort, bringing the majority of the game customers. The latest sports experience in foreign countries. The following isTrampoline theme parkThe overall rendering of the device:

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    This oneTrampoline theme parkIt was run by a very amiable Ge, and when Ge communicated with us, there was never a sense of distance from the rich people. I didn’t say that I am a customer, you must feel the way to me. Kind, he always responded happily to us. In the early days, Ge was running around in various places, and started to build a building materials business. Later, he discovered that the development potential of amusements was huge, so he began to invest in amusement projects. What I did at the beginning wasChild developmentThe project, once in a trip, went into a trampoline and was immediately attracted to this fresh project. So I immediately arranged to inspect the various trampoline theme parks. After I went back, I decided to invest.Trampoline theme parkThis project is gone.

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  inTrampoline theme parkIn the layout plan above, Ge has his own business philosophy, which is to help re-establish a good family relationship. After returning home, it is no longer that everyone is watching a computer phone, but here to experience a free jump, releasing mood and pressure. Let the heart and body reach a better state.

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    Of course, every customer has a comparison with the manufacturer, but also went to other manufacturers to inspect, but after learning about the material, the service and strength of the manufacturer, we finally chose us. Ge’s son, Xiao Ge, said: “My dad is actually a very picky person, and few people can conquer him.” Perhaps the quality of the products, the service, the strength of production and many of our comparable businesses, but our The degree of care is not something that every business can do.

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   After the opening of the business, the customers are full, and there are long queues every day. It is the biggest trampoline theme park in the northwest region. The boss is good and the business is booming!

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