Maintenance and management of children's play equipment

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Maintenance and management of children's play equipment

Children's play equipment usually have two outdoor and indoor. Different types of children's game devices use different materials. As an outdoor equipment, it is very important to maintain its safety and service life, is very important for regular maintenance and daily maintenance. Outdoor equipment should be able to get a wind and blow, and the bad material can not stand the sun, it will fade quickly, so the materials used must be very durable. As the indoor children's play equipment, since it doesn't have these problems, the selected materials are mainly beautiful, mostly for some fine photo style patterns, and durable, will not fade. However, the loss of children's play equipment is inevitable, requiring reasonable maintenance and management to ensure and extend the service life of the equipment. Children's play equipment is fixed at the time of timing, never late, but the machine also needs to take a loss. While improving profits, the maintenance and management of children's play equipment is also necessary. When children's play equipment suddenly stop running, the body temperature overheating or load exceeds limiting automatic protection, mechanical transmission, and structural failure. At this time, first check the circuit, confirm that the circuit is normal, then check the body, find the direct cause of the stop by observation, rhinose, hand touch, hand transfer, etc., and then restart after the fault is removed.

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Persistence regularly conduct a comprehensive examination of the equipment, discovery abnormal timely processing, and make the lubrication of the lubrication site in time to maintain the long-term operation of the equipment. According to the personnel of children's play equipment, the load abscembitation of children's play equipment is also designed with their corresponding crowds, and people who are strictly inconsistent, avoid damaging equipment and accidents.

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