Motto non-standard stainless steel slide indoor and outdoor applicable

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Motto non-standard stainless steel slide indoor and outdoor applicable

In recent years, Lotto Stainless Steel Slide has received many investors and consumers' enthusiastic sought after. As a high-end amusement equipment, stainless steel slides have already occupied a large small community, outdoor parks, not only rich in the scene of the scene, the visual effect of the equipment, but also enriched the amateur life of the residents of the community. Therefore, it can be said that the stainless steel slide has gradually replaced a fitness equipment that people like to see.

The stainless steel slide selected by the music map is a very strong stainless steel plate, and high-end welding technology and heat treatment techniques are used. The entire slide is divided into two types of mirror stainless steel and brushed stainless steel. These two different materials have a great difference in the use of mirroring.

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Stainless steel slides compared to other forms of slides, more colorful, and very plasticity. Common stainless steel slides have straight slides, semi-bucket slides, semi-translucent slides, full transparent slides, cross flowers, and more. At the same time, stainless steel slides can also be customized according to the field characteristics of the park and playgrounds, and are customized.

The music map non-standard stainless steel slide is our designer's success to break the material limit and have achieved significant breakthroughs in the shape. Today, in today's pursuit of differentiation, we have stood out in thousands of slides, and become a children and parents who are very sought after. Cool fun stainless steel slides can not only apply to parks and communities, but also compete in each of major indoor shopping malls, and become a good project for the popularity of indoor playgrounds. In the room, you can usually be used in children's playgrounds, the main malls, kindergarten, etc., which can be customized according to the characteristics of the site.

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Stainless steel slides Although it looks very thrilled on the appearance, it actually has very high safety performance. Since the stainless steel slide is argon arc welding in the welded portion, it is large to prevent absorption of harmful gases. If you want to experience outdoors or indoor stainless steel combination slides, then what are you waiting for, let's contact us!

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