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Music Amusement | New Air Safety Rope Network Equipment Project

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Music Amusement | New Air Safety Rope Network Equipment Project

Due to this year's special circumstances, more and more people pay more attention to the healthy development of the body, and there is also a higher demand for some basic play equipment projects. Today, Music Xiaobian will introduce this equipment to introduce the most hot air safety rope network play equipment. The next small unit will explain in detail according to different nature.

1. Advantages of this equipment relative to traditional amusement equipment

The traditional rope net climbing equipment is made by means of a steel pipe or in the indoor wall, and the overall space will be relatively small, and the feeling of giving people will have a large in inductivity. Now people will definitely like this environment, so in order to stimulate everyone's overall consumption level for outdoor rides, they designed outdoors and more spacious venue aerial rope mesh equipment.

Chau Niji Tour + Climb + Drill Network - (8)

This device is not fully utilized by a full steel pipe, but a trigger bracket or other equipment that can be directly built, gives tourists a real natural environment. In order to ensure the safety of the entertainment players, it must not be fully matched according to some comparing brackets, and we will also do some soft bag processing outside the galvanized steel pipe, or decoration.

2. New equipment project introduction

The aerial safety rope network is also a romance equipment prepared from the rope network hanging from the air. The biggest advantage of our products is to be able to close in nature, combined with equipment projects among nature, especially true The scenic spot is integrated. As far as the trees within the venue, we design a high and low exploitation, intricate air amusement park.

At the same time, this equipment we added a colorful tree system, trampoline slide equipment, etc. It is more secure and reliable.

Chamo non-standard travel + crawling + drilling network - (15)

3. Highlights of the new air safety rainbow rope network equipment

The biggest highlight of this device is that this is purely hand-made, and many supplier manufacturers are unable to provide such quality services, regardless of the design or size design is our company's designers independent research and development, adopting Bad colored nylon rope for production. Nylon's outer skin has 6 inner cores that make the product more secure and safe.

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