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Music Amusement | Non-calibration system outdoor slide

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Music Amusement | Non-calibration system outdoor slide

The living standard is constantly improving, but under the premise of high-rise forest, now the children's play space is more narrow. The current children are no longer like traditional slides, replaced by a series of electronic products. Therefore, outdoor innovation theme play equipment is imminent, and outdoor non-calibration projects can not only bring children more vast outdoor space, but also improve their hands-on ability. Today, music map is a brief introduction to everyone.Non-standard slide theme amusement equipmentproject.

Slide is a long-lasting rides in kindergarten, which belongs to small-small types of integrated equipment movements, and only the slide activity can be carried out by climbing drilling. While children play slides, they also need certain will and confidence, so they can truly develop their courage to explore the spirit.

Hongshan Sport Park crawling slide 2

However, different types of slides have their own use restrictions, and children are not uniform for slope and length in different ages and slides. This is why it is an important reason for non-standard custom combined slides outdoors.

A complete combination of slides have a slide, roof, handrail and other components, and the platform on the slide and the armrests are closely closed. If the slide of the slide, the gap of the V-shaped is or the raised place, it is easy to cause injuries, and ensure that the fixability and stability of the slide step can be ensured before taxiing.

Nowadays, there is a kind of kindergarten, community, park and other places, have a superior kindergarten, community, park, etc. of the tide of the slide, and these places have their own characteristics, so they also have their own production methods and shapes. Non-standard custom combined slides are not only widely selected in the direction of the subject, but also can be customized.

Non-standard landscape amusement main map 9

After more than ten years of development, Music Amusement has completed the creation of many domestic high-end places, winning the recognition of customers from all walks of life, promoting better development of the play market.

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