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Music Case | Shenyang Vanke Outdoor Sports Leisure Playground

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Music Case | Shenyang Vanke Outdoor Sports Leisure Playground

According to currently related surveys, children may become very serious problems in the growth stage of growth, so it is necessary to strengthen physical fitness exercise in children's body. But for children, it is impossible to run outdoors in the same way as adults or swimming fitness projects. In order to stimulate the children's interest in sports, Music is united in the Shenyang Vantages Real Estate Community to create a sports and casual sports playground, to exercise the coordination skills of children, and cultivate healthy body.

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Vanke Real Estate Community Place Project Introduction

Children's Outdoor Amusement Equipment Project Introduction

Advantages of playing outdoor play equipment

Vanke Real Estate Community PlaygroundProject Introduction

The entire outdoor children's sports playground covers an area of ​​approximately 1,500 square meters, overlooking the entire paradise, blue, green, and orange EPDM floor cushion, gives people a feeling of vitality. At the same time, combined with other play equipment, enrich the spatial form of the entire paradise. And the safe location can reduce the damage to the children during exercise.

Non-standard travel + slide + combination slide

Children's Outdoor Amusement Equipment Project Introduction

Interesting event project devices can always bring the fantasy challenge experience. In the playground, it is combined into the flowers trees in nature in the playground, allowing the trampoline and these green to form a good shape, allowing the children to exercise, but also feel the funity of nature.

The same popularity is the stainless steel combination slide, direct slip and the slide matching together, can sufficient to make the children feel what is exciting and joy. Many parents will worry about how children lose weight under such a situation? In fact, the combination slide through different climbing channels, in the process of playing, there is an invisible movement.

Non-standard travel + slide + combination slide 3

Advantages of playing outdoor play equipment

In fact, children who often play in the outdoor playground are more active, because some of the skills and planning of different play equipment are different. For example, rocking horses and seesaw provide a buffer area to children, not only can restore physical strength, but also prepare for the next venture, you can also have a place to communicate, promote friendship between each other.

The entire real estate community outdoor playground is carefully designed to the children, but adults can participate in them, through the distribution and arrangement of different play equipment, facilitate parents.

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