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Music Children's Play Equipment | Happy Childhood Starting from the Playground

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Music Children's Play Equipment | Happy Childhood Starting from the Playground

Nowadays, people's living standards have improved, and many novel entertainment methods have also become a choice of lifestyle, especially those with children, you will choose a good weather to play with your child. But the children always have a unique clock in the stage of growth, whether it is park or water park, or a large comprehensive children's commercial street, has a wide range of children's play products. Among them, there is a very popular amusement facility that is very popular now, because of high security, it is favored by parents.

Here, Xiaobian introduces a surplus equipment manufacturer and the corresponding quality products.

This article contains the following

1 manufacturer recommended: music map amusement

2 Dream Ocean Combination Slide

3 children's marine ball pool

Company Strength 06 + Nuutoo + Chau Rongyi Certificate

Manufacturer recommendation: music map amusement

Chau Children's Play Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the Wenzhou Bridge, which is beautiful in the scenic Chinese teaching toys. It has strong design and development, manufacturing, installed amusement equipment capabilities, fully equipped machine processing equipment with complete equipment detection capabilities. It is a modern enterprise integrated with the development of integrated music equipment and equipment.

The products produced by our company are sold across the country, and even the countries around the world. Quality is based on the foundation, the company's product quality is stable, reasonable, after-sales improvement, has a good reputation and reputation. Wenzhou Map Amusement Equipment Production Base has more than 6,500 square meters of welding production workshops, 3,000 square meters of assembly workshops, more than 2,000 square meters of woodworking soft chassis workshops.

Products Recommended

Dream ocean combination slide

The combination of our company has a function of drilling, climbing, slipping, sliding, shaking, appearance, close, safe and durable. At the same time, electrostatic powder treatment is used in the surface. Compliant with the national safety standards. This product is suitable for children aged 3 breaks 12 years old, and the overall tilt of slides is suitable, ensuring the safety of children's happy play.

Children's marine ball

The ocean ball uses a blow molding process, placed smoothly, we put a more than 10 square meters of folding plates together to form a square space, and the internal settings of the landscape equipment, which is very suitable for indoor and outsiders, and a 10 square meter The marine ball pool can be extended according to the requirements.

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctor + slide + log plane + stainless steel combination slide 38

This music map product and the company's introduction are here, we have not only high-end play equipment products, but also have the strength of production and development.

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