Music outdoor network red play project recommended?

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Music outdoor network red play project recommended?

Every amusement device has its own creativity and value, and you can have a certain impact on children, and improve their learning ability. In playing, invisibility increases happiness, and helps children explore in understanding The environment and the changes in the body.
It is relatively high cost performance, and the cost of maintenance and operations in the later stage is relatively low. The combination of outdoor non-powerful players is very flexible, which can be applied to different sizes and different environments. Common outdoor amusement facilities include large combinations, slides, rocking horses, outdoor fitness equipment and other items. But Xiaobian still introduces you the most popular outdoor play equipment projects in 2020.
Outdoor network red color slide
Sliding is like skiing, it is a project with sports skills and interests, and is very popular with young people, and it is also called a net red project. In more and more places, people choose a large hillside to make rainbow slides and experience natural hugs. Rainbow slide meets the environmental protection concepts pursued by the current young people, and can make everyone experience the happiness of skiing in different seasons and the environment, and can also perform artificial snow fields in small snow.

Children's Paradise + Extreme Sports + High Slide (3)

Outdoor rope network climbing project
The rope net climbs As a relatively advanced play equipment in the climbing, the challenges and the significance of irritation are more significant. Every high visual and landscape effect is different, especially in the process of our own constant climbing, hard work, the children know how to cherish, this is the cultivation of children, and the spirit of courage to explore, great help.
Outdoor combination stainless steel slide
Outdoor Combination Stainless Steel Slides are already a must-have a ride in children's equipment, there is a ladie on the elevated plane, and the other side is installed on a skateboard, and the child goes down from the ladder. This is also a common and indispensable play equipment project in the Children's Amusement Park. In fact, the style of outdoor large stainless steel slides is diverse, with an all-tube slide, spiral S slide, a circle slide, and designers can also be designed according to the characteristics of the site and the needs of children.

Children's Paradise + Extreme Sports + Khan Xue Slide (3)

The above is a small number of common net red must-have a play project for you. In fact, the types of outdoor play equipment are very large, you can combine happiness facilities in different forms, if you really don't know how to choose, or What kind of equipment is needed, you can consult the music map.
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