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Non-standard custom playground stainless steel slide manufacturers which strong?

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Non-standard custom playground stainless steel slide manufacturers which strong?

    With the improvement of people's living standards,PlaygroundThe market is also growing. It is not difficult to believe that there will be more and more in the future.PlaygroundDemand is born in cities to meet the growing material needs of people. andStainless steel slideAs a very basic amusement equipment in the playground, it is one of the popular items in many playgrounds. Therefore, the stainless steel slide market will also show a good upward trend in the future. So among the manufacturers of so many stainless steel slides, which one is more worthy of customer trust? The following small series will bring you several important conditions for screening.

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1. Production and operation licenses and qualifications

As a non-standard custom stainless steel slide manufacturer, the occupational production certificate is indispensable, which is a guarantee for the manufacturer to the consumer, an institutional access rule. Deciding a genuine licensed production allows manufacturers to avoid fake and shoddy products, especially in the production of stainless steel slides, the product's character and security, directly related to the customer's play experience, Fu Cheng to contempt. Therefore, making the production is not only one of the conditions for determining the manufacturer of the stainless steel slide, but also the cause of the need to be considered. Letu non-standard custom factory certificates and qualifications are very complete, the case covers all parts of the country, welcome customers to consult.

2. Scale of production site

    The scale of production is crucial for manufacturing companies. The faster the production cycle can provide equipment to customers. When customers place orders, most of them hope that the time will be as fast as possible, and the workmanship process can reach customers. The demand is the best on this. Therefore, the more complete the assembly line and the standard production process, the more the production cycle, the integrity and quality of the stainless steel slide process. Similarly, after a long period of experimentation and testing, you can rest assured that the stainless steel slide can be used safely in the playground.

3. The overall design of the slide and the experience of the visitors

    How to judge whether a stainless steel slide is very successful? Material and craft production are very important reference points. However, the combination of the slide and the venue, whether the shape is smooth, is also very important. The slides are matched with the overall shape of the site, and the overall background is set off to achieve a mutually beneficial effect. Colleagues, visitors' experience is also essential. After all, only fun games can attract customers and bring benefits. Only by bringing benefits can the amusement park choose to continue to purchase stainless steel slides in the same factory.

4. Whether a third-party test certificate can provide a reference factor: national quality inspection report, international quality certification (such as GS certification, CE certification, etc.)

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