Non-standard travel equipment has become a market design trend

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Non-standard travel equipment has become a market design trend

Non-standard travel equipment is a small category of amusement equipment. In recent years, the durable consumer goods have been popular in the past two years. It is not as short-lived in the market. It is not like a fast consumer product. It is not like some historical periods. . Relatively, the beauty of non-standard travel equipment is eternal, and most products are spliced ​​by standards, so they are highly designed for non-standard amusement equipment in beautiful, safe, environmentally friendly, comfort, and fastness. Require. Although these are the most basic design requirements for the manufacturer of amusement equipment, non-standard amusement equipment companies that can afford market tests are also a phenomenon.

1. Fashion, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

2. Environmental, safety of non-standard travel equipment

3. Non-standard travel equipment is firm and durable

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First, the fashion, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

With the development of Chinese children's toys, non-standard travel equipment has become the first children's small toy work. With the listing of the game toy series, quickly refresh the children's education community and parents' awareness of children's non-standard play equipment toys \"beauty\". With its beautiful, simple, soft, durable curves, non-standard game equipment series not only occupy huge market share in China, but also set off a beautiful fashion in the country. And the style of this fashionable non-standard play equipment is still mainstream in the industry.

Second, the environmental protection, safety of non-standard travel equipment

From raw materials, the non-standard travel equipment components are diverse, and the stainless steel non-standard amusement equipment produced, all of which use 304 stainless steel, African imported yellow flowers, such as rail mesh and other materials, these materials produced by amusement equipment Its natural, simple natural charm has been deeply loved by ordinary people. This material is the material of today's non-standard play equipment, has hard, natural style.

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While launching large non-standard amusement equipment, it has also launched a supporting facilities of amusement equipment, quality as a brand, honesty as the future, adhering to the market-oriented, innovation is dynamic, with quality as life, and service as support, In accordance with the business policy of honesty, market-oriented \", strictly in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise management system, continuously deepen reform, transform business mechanism, and gradually form a children's paradise, naughty castle, indoor expansion equipment, network rope adventure park equipment, combination Slide, physical expansion equipment, park theme park equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, water park, outdoor leisure chair, trash can and safety pads. Mainly for real estate, kindergartens, street communities, parks, hotels, tourist resorts, water parks, and various theme amusement parks, are well received by customers.

Third, non-standard travel equipment is firm and durable

At the beginning of this century, in order to create good non-standard amusement equipment, introduce foreign advanced production equipment and process technology, a lot of work is made for the leading enterprises that have become the industry. Due to the advancement of equipment and processes, the receiver of non-standard travel equipment has also increased by 2-3 times. Under normal use conditions, the life expectancy of non-standard traveling equipment can last for 10-50 years.

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