Non-standard travel equipment with its unique creativity and personalization

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Non-standard travel equipment with its unique creativity and personalization

In the amusement park, amusement equipment is a general name for non-standard amusement equipment for amusement play, and amusement equipment is a comprehensive project for the characteristics of young children love. In recent years, the customization of non-standard travel equipment is very popular, with its novel ideas, chic overall shape, exploratory and interesting, intensive, climb, drilling, gliding, swing, etc. The function is excellent in one body.

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The difference between customized non-standard amusement equipment and batch production of the standard play equipment is to perform personalized design according to the terrain and size of the site to meet different match requirements. The so-called non-standard traveling equipment refers to the unified industry standards and standard manufacturing issued by the state, but by the operator according to the use of products or equipment, the appearance or performance is not in the national equipment product catalog, non-standard amusement equipment. .

Non-standard travel equipment is very popular in the market with its unique creativity and personalization. The company has a group of experienced design, technology, production and installation team to provide customers with a dragon service.

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In order to meet the needs of large quantity production, it will produce and demonstrate the type, series of playback equipment, series, and become standard products; according to the requirements of the operator, the products modified or customized based on standard products are called non-standard amusement equipment. product. Standard products are mainly applicable to the production and manufacture of general mechanical equipment. In fact, when designing a new play equipment, some equipment cannot be produced by mechanical equipment, requires separate design and manufacturing, and the future versatility is not high.

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