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Now the outdoor expansion of kindergarten, more than the imagination

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Now the outdoor expansion of kindergarten, more than the imagination

The current kindergarten is more high in overall design, not only paying very much attention to the construction of indoor environments, but also the ready to be prepared in the outdoor toys. When I visited the kindergarten outdoor toy, I found that there were many children on 9:00 in the morning. Knowing their class, I know that 8:00 to 9: 00 is a child free time. They can experience a variety of fun in outdoor toy places, enrich their campus life, and can also play the effect of exercise. The toy type here is rich enough, more than the imagination. In addition to the design of fairy tale, these toys are in line with such a feature.

Expand training equipment + physical climbing + sports equipment (13)

Now kindergartenOutdoor DevelopmentMore than imagination

First, catering to the child's activities

The little child is lively, likes climbing, drilling, jumping, running, so considering these places when designing toys. Presen a variety of activities in the form of a toy, which can make them feel very interesting, and can exercise integrated in this process. For example, everyone is more familiar with climbing walls and slide equipment, etc., which can be concentrated to bring rich fun to children. Compared with the past single equipment, this design is clearly more satisfied, and it is also a special design in security, you can rest assured that the child is playing here.

Second, the game is new and rich

The current kindergarten outdoor toy has become a new expansion direction, because the child is interested in these toys, and has become a key way to improve the knowledge of children. Compared with them to play the playground, let them experience this pleasure every day, it is really easier for them to grow. For example, the coordination of the body and the operation capacity of the brain, etc., can be satisfied during this process. Because the gameplay is indeed more novel, and some familiar gameplay is transformed, he will become an entertainment that is suitable for children. For example, jumping bags and stepping on the stilts is a tricky game that children like.

Expanding training equipment + physical climbing + sports equipment (9)

Now the outdoor expansion of kindergarten, more than the imagination

With such an outdoor toy, children can experience the fun of outdoor play in schools. This is also the current kindergarten to enhance the quality of service, many high-end kindergartens have a good expansion in this regard, which will allow more kindergartens to serve this in the demonstration process.

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