Outdoor children combination slide which use material costs?

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Outdoor children combination slide which use material costs?

For outdoor children combined slides, more investors and buyers are very important to its quality problems. Since the combination slide is placed in the outdoor exposure, the slide is often burns the skin of the child, so it is important to choose a high temperature resistant material. So, which material is the most resistant to high temperature, can bring a more cheerful play experience to the children? Among the next article content, small knitting is the advantage and characteristics of the outdoor children combined with different materials. I hope to have a certain help.

The wooden slide is very obvious relative to the ordinary slide. If the outdoor weather factor is not considered, it is a combination slide that can be used directly using solid wood. Because the main structure of the wooden slide is solid wood, the solid wood can be sculptured and treated using high-tech processes before the creation of equipment items. At the same time, the smoothness of the wood material and the texture are clearer, and the amusement devices created more ornaith.

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The wear resistance of the plastic slide and the more favorable maintenance are often used in our lives. If you ask if there is a toxic substance, you have to see if you have been baked outdoors. If you have long-term exposure to outdoor, you can easily release toxins. In addition, if the material of the plastic slide itself does not meet the relevant standards of the state, then the equipment after production will have certain quality problems.

The advantage of the PE plate slide is more obvious, anti-static, decolorized element, smooth surface, safe and environmentally friendly, no fading, etc. Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance make products higher than the slide prices than other materials. Because of the combination of such materials, the outdoor children combine slides are applied.


According to Xiaobian, if you want to build an outdoor amusement park, you'd better choose a PE plate slide that is better than heat resistance, although it is more expensive than other materials, but the price is the best. .

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