Outdoor children's playground equipment is not expensive?

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Outdoor children's playground equipment is not expensive?

Outdoor children's playground equipment is not expensive? Now I want to open the children's paradise brand to join investors, because the increase in children is also very large for market demand, but investors with entrepreneurship will still be, but they want to know the purchase price. Not expensive! The industry's leading music map play equipment is not expensive, affordable, while profits are also higher, entrepreneurs can consider!

This article contains the following

1. Different quotes affect factors

2. Playground price grade factors

3. Suggestions on investors

First, the price of different influencing factors

The market is now the price of the outdoor children's playground equipment, and the different manufacturers have a very large gap between an outdoor children's playground equipment. The main reason comes from the manufacturer's production materials and technical professionals for this equipment. Sex investigation. In general, most of the materials used in the outdoor children's playground are mostly stainless steel, engineering plastics, 304 stainless steel, soft bag as auxiliary materials, so prices will be relatively high.

Chamo non-standard travel + three-dimensional maze + outdoor expansion + slide - (1)

Second, the price of the playground price

The price of the music map children is not a constant. If you choose to join, it will be more cost-effective, because we will provide software support, the service is meticulous, comprehensive integrated service, but relative to the purchase of monomer equipment The price will be higher, the price of the purchase device will be relatively low, but since it does not understand in the industry, there will be certain risks. Therefore, Xiaobian still recommends choosing a high-level joining service project.

Third, the suggestion of investors

Many investors are not familiar with this piece of outdoor children's playground equipment, but you need to notice that the material used by the settlement device and the comfort of the use effect, only the two items can be valued at least to ensure you buy It is genuine, relatively, the price of high value is higher. Therefore, consulting manufacturers are more sensible!

Chamo non-standard travel + three-dimensional maze + outdoor expansion + slide - (3)

Finally, buy outdoor children's play products need to be aware that the program in which the site design is actually very small, and it is generally difficult to distinguish the moisture from the initial business investors. If you choose TRM Amusement Equipment Co.,, we will talk to you according to your venue and you talk about the custom service items we create. At the same time, only the full-scale understanding of the manufacturer, people who can be worried about the process standards for production.

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