Outdoor community is ready to purchase large combination slides, is there a manufacturer introduction?

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Outdoor community is ready to purchase large combination slides, is there a manufacturer introduction?

Ask the community to buy large combination slides, what is introduced? Of course, the most important thing is to choose a good manufacturer, but facing so many choices must have certain difficulties. When choosing, you can't only value the price, every supplier is doing things with conscience, only missed, no mistakes of. When investors are facing a raw amusement equipment manufacturers don't know how to choose, the following music map children's play garden will give you a trick.

Manufacturer qualification

When selecting a combined slide player, you can learn more about this supplier's reputation verification by relevant authority websites and other channels. At the same time, it is also possible to understand whether the children's paradise equipment manufacturers have legitimate registration, there is no corresponding equipment production certification, whether the products produced are in line with international standards.

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For example, Chau Amusement Equipment Co. Whether it is qualified and product certification, there is a strong strength and mechanism.

Equipment quality

Outdoor large combination slides are a long-term investment amusement project, and the quality of the combination of slide equipment will directly affect the user choice and use, so it must be understood that the manufacturer must have product related test identification. And quality certificate.

At the same time, in the case of conditions permit, it is best to find the supplier company to conduct a field investigation, understand the process, quality and material of the equipment production. Seeing is a matter of understanding, listening to virtual.

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after-care service

One manufacturer's later service contains two aspects, which are service attitudes and capabilities, respectively, will not be installed with equipment and design of drawings.

For example, the brand of music map will receive a free assistance service, which can provide you with site choice, venue design, promotion, operation training, equipment installation, and later maintenance. The staff who provide free assistance to franchisees allow you to choose, we will have a better choice and easy to open the store.

By preparing the outdoor community, you have related content you have learned about how you choose to choose a manufacturer?

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