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Outdoor non-standard children's play equipment optional guide

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Outdoor non-standard children's play equipment optional guide

In the face of the growing society, more and more people began to invest in children's projects, especially as the operator of the playground, preschool education schools, in order to meet more people's choices, began to buy different play equipment.

Whether you want to configure the gardener of the children's play equipment, or the creator of landscape design, or consumers who are only self-purchasing tour facilities, facing a variety of children's paradise products in the market, and the electronic electronic electronic PS comparison, you can only find some differences in sales or evaluation districts, this article will bring you into the outdoor children's paradise equipment industry from three major regular equipment.

This article contains the following:

1, outdoor children slide facilities

2, outdoor children climbing the net

3, non-standard outdoor children's playground

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First, outdoor children slide facilities

The most common products are also one of the most equipment types in kindergartens. It costs high cost, relatively safe and reliable, basic unattended can make children free to play, but you know that there are two kinds of European standards and national standards. The main mold specification is to facilitate the export to adapt to the European and American market. Since European and American children are larger than the domestic general body, the overall slide ratio is also gorgeous, and the process standard reaches the EU toys. Because a treasure's preference always guides the crowd to buy a cheaper national standard configuration, most people have bought a relatively small version. However, this product is getting smaller and smaller in the market.

Second, outdoor children climb

There are many kinds of outdoor children's climbing nets. There are flat screens, drill caves, cone climbs, etc. The net rope has a wire core, secured a single sheet with a dedicated network buckle, and the lattice interval must prevent the child from stepping over the air in a reasonable size range. The tightness of the entire network rope is the key to product quality. Imagine that the equipment will be relaxed shortly after purchase, not only affects beauty, and will greatly reduce the life of the crawling itself.

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Third, non-standard outdoor children's playground

Non-standard children's playground equipment is very variety, according to the material classification with steel structure, stainless steel, solid wood, etc., non-standard children's facilities, is made according to customer design concept.

Outdoor non-standard park is a popular way of production in recent years, but because there is no standard, there is no standard, and even some small manufacturers themselves are also touched by the stone crossing the river. Due to the technical characteristics of the product, Xiaobian recommendations are produced Before first presence the product renderings, understand the basic structure of the paradise equipment, such as size, venue, material, process, etc., then test the professional level of the manufacturer, this water is still very deep, it is recommended to find an experienced manufacturer to understand .

In short, it is recommended to clarify your needs before purchasing the product of the Children's Paradise, then find the corresponding manufacturers to provide professional advice, according to their own budget, rather than blindly pay the style of popular style, so as not to step on the pit.

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