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Outdoor non-standard pirate boat play slide equipment

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Outdoor non-standard pirate boat play slide equipment

The innovation form of outdoor play equipment has been welcomed by many people. And now custom-made types of play equipment have become the popular network red project in the play market, and the degree of welcome is different from different themes.

Today, Music Xiaobian brings you an outdoor non-standard version of amusement equipment, which is based on the new amusement equipment after the release of the Caribbean pirate, develops design with pirate ship as the theme prototype, and the prototype of the pirate ship is \" The transportation of the robbery, which makes the pirate equipment have a mysterious color. Children are constantly absorbing fresh things and things in the process of growing children, and the pirate ship combination amusement equipment is attracted to the exploration of children.

Non-standard landscape amusement main map 9

Now that non-standard custom pirate booths existed in the community, kindergartens, parks and other major places, becoming a bright landscape, due to the outstanding appearance, the bright color match, let the pirate combination amusement equipment has become unique in the downtown Landscape. Secondly, due to the more equipment items included in the pirate ride, not only combined slides, swing tour, rope net climbing and other equipment, as well as an outdoor amusement that built the subject of attractions.

The pirate boat theme play equipment passed GS certification, outdoors for a long time, and the pirate ship has a unique shape design, a collection of \"walking, running, jumping, jumping, climbing\", etc., suitable for children over 3 years old And youth play. The columns used in the entire settlement device use a galvanized steel pipe of 2.2 mm, and the material of the steel pipe is in line with international professional certification, and the technicians after the overall processing molding process, so that the product can be normal. It is guaranteed that the year does not fade.

Longhu 3

In fact, custom type play equipment is more investigating is the actual product quality. How to determine the quality of the product, you can directly see the strength of the manufacturer you have chosen. As a domestic top outdoor play equipment manufacturer, Mapo play is high-end production technology, combined with a good brand of strength, becoming a choice of many investors!

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