Outdoor non-standard play equipment design form

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Outdoor non-standard play equipment design form

People think that the traditional concept of amusement equipment is a specific slide, seesaw, etc. In fact, with the stable development of the domestic children's economy, the current play equipment has a big change in the form of entertainment, outdoor non-standard amusement equipment The form can be customized according to the actual needs of the customer, so that the form of amusement of the entire business project is more diverse, and has a more variety of entertainment experience.

Main contents of this article:

I. Commissioning to install the site installation

II. Internal structure guarantee safety

III. Using material health and environmental protection

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1. Conformity to the site installation needs

Each operator will consider a lot of factors in the choice of business addresses, such as rent prices, venues, spatial shapes, etc., so the actual situation of each operator's choice is different, so outdoor non-standard travel The equipment is designed to actually take the actual use of the site, such as the size of the site, the layout of the field, the field's shape, etc. so that the design of the equipment can make full use of space, neither a feeling of empty falling, nor There is a crowded feeling, giving the best visual experience.

2. Internal structure guarantee safety

Whether it is designing what kind of equipment safety is one of the most basic core content, outdoor non-standard play equipment itself has a certain difference in design form, but its safety structure cannot be changed, especially internal loading structures. In the form, not only the strength and toughness of the material are high, but also need to do external packaging treatment of metal and other materials to avoid safety incidents.

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3. Use material health and environmental protection

It is a high advantage of all kinds of outdoor non-standard players, in addition to changes in design and play attributes, the choice of materials is also important. The environmentally friendly raw materials are not only more durable, but also safe and reliable, parents can also take their children with their children. Secondary materials are better, and the use can also play a good material advantage in outdoor harsh environments.

The equipment should be customized to make your children's play projects have a high advantage, you can attract more customers to experience, but in the face of complex markets, it is not easy to fade, doing service and management is still the basis for ensuring product development. content.

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