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Outdoor play equipment non-standard custom advantages deep into the heart

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Outdoor play equipment non-standard custom advantages deep into the heart

Whether it is a child or a parent's definition of the play equipment, it is not only limited to traditional monomer slides, seesaw, mud and other objects. In fact, with the rapid and stable development of the domestic play industry, the form of amusement equipment has undergone a lot. Improved, outdoor non-standard amusement equipment is completely in line with the current market and investors' needs, shape, scale, color, and functionality of innovation amusement equipment, such product advantages make a lot of amusement venues. Vitality.

This article contains the following:

1. Space Space Experience Visual Feast

2. Customized material quality requirements

3. Customized products environmentally friendly health and safety

First, the venue space experience visual feast

Each investment purchaser will take into account different factors when choosing operating sites. For example, rent prices, site size, space environment, site shape, etc., many venues are unable to let investors satisfied, every operating site space The layout is also obvious, so outdoor non-calibration play projects need to actually investigate the characteristics of the site, and create a suitable play equipment according to the construction of the site space. Compared to the equipment directly purchased directly, non-standard custom equipment is more in line with the demand for site installation, and can make full use of every part of the space to create the best visual. Experience.

Stack Road Slide Combination Main Figure -8

Second, the quality requirements for customized materials are obvious

Regardless of the type of amusement equipment, it is necessary to guarantee safety as the core. Outdoor non-standard playback equipment itself is designed with its own model, but the security structure is an unable to miss, especially internally. The form of structural form is not only a very high quality requirement, such as the strength of the rope network equipment; the toughness of the trampoline equipment. At the same time, the equipment of the metal material is also necessary to do external packaging treatment to avoid the risk of player safety accidents.

Stack Road Slide Combination Main Figure -12

Third, custom products environmentally friendly health and safety

The advantages of outdoor play equipment non-standard customized projects are deeply rooted, in addition to changes in shape design and functional properties, the environmental environmental protection is also equally important. Environmentally friendly safe and healthy raw materials can not only reinforce the quality of the product, but also more security, parents can also take their children to play. Furthermore, environmentally friendly materials themselves are also better, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, non-rust and other advantageous performance, which can also maximize its advantage over outdoor environments.

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