Outdoor play equipment rock climbing

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Outdoor play equipment rock climbing

Climbing the child to understand the hardships and challenge the difficulties, the child will get a lot of fun during the climb, and it feels very interesting in the air to climb up. The children will become difficult, accumulated experience, enhance skills from the secondary test exam, and gradually become increasingly joky and self-confidence, cultivating the children are not afraid of hardship, stubborn, the spirit of the firm, launching the spirit of the individual struggle The roots. But at the same time, climb is also accompanied by danger, so they will do the shelter, but because of fear of danger, the child will stop climbing, the child is quiet, but the children are in the enthusiasm of the event, the enthusiasm of the skills, and explore the environment. Wish, the interest of new things for long knowledge will also be depressed and restricted.

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1, focus

2, coordination

3, look

33_ Climbing + Indoor Expansion Equipment

First, focus

It will make a child maintain a high attention during climbing, which will make your child constantly focus on, and every rock wall that is climbed every step, letting children feel very solid, let The children experience a sense of success in a step by step, but there are many times, because the equipment in some places will have some fault or comparison, the parents need to pay attention to the safety of children when they choose.

Second, coordination

The child is climbing most of the body to be completely opened, the arm and the legs are straight to touch the rock, just like a Spider-Man is being able to climb the rock wall, so it's stretching and coordination for children. Very big and progress.

Children's Paradise Equipment + Amusement Equipment + Rock Climb (17)

Third, look

Parents guide children to learn to see the previous players before climbing, so they don't only learn a lot of skills from others, and they can stop for a while to make the same mistake, and after considering the right to climb Climbing the line, you will have a small plan before you can get faster, climbing higher.

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