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Outdoor slide combination, to build a "crazy play" place for children!

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Outdoor slide combination, to build a "crazy play" place for children!

"Come on, queue up for the team to slide!"

"Come on, the slide relay race has begun!"

"Come on, come and catch me!"


Yes, this is the game that kids love to play when they play slides outdoors. Slides, hide and seek, play with sand, and more.

The slide, a beautiful place for children to play, play, and make friends, is also a "small society" where children gather.

Here, there are children, there are also followers; there are little princes, there are also little princesses; there are terrotes, but also big brothers and so on.

Combination slide + children's play equipment + little doctor + Great Wall (2)

Outdoor slide combination, to build a "crazy play" place for children!

Here, the children are a dislocated wild horse, galloping in the outdoor slide combination, enjoying the friends, enjoying the fun, and every happy factor is mobilized by the children.愁 愁 ;; love to play, fun is the nature of children.

Among these combination slides, there are plastic combinations, stainless steel combinations, and wooden combinations. The slides made by different materials are different; some combination slides are equipped with a large The bunker provides children with a more fun way; some combination slides are equipped with a long combo bar for children to carry out outreach training in the combo bar; some combination slides are moderately simple, which is a simple combination slide There is a castle plus a slide; some combination slides occupy a very large area. The slides are equipped with one-way slides and two-way slides, so that the children can experience the pleasure of sliding down from here and climbing from there. There are also some synchronizations that set the top of the castle on the rock and the mystery of the castle. The design of different outdoor combination slides gives children a different feeling.

Little Prince Park + Non-standard ride + Planet combination slide + stainless steel slide (7)

Outdoor slide combination, to build a "crazy play" place for children!

Children like to play with sand, so among the many outdoor slides, the designers especially like sand piles and combination slides to let the children enjoy the fun of the slides, but also the sand flowing from the fingers. Happy!

Of course, the most important aspect in the design of outdoor combination slides is safety. Whether it is from the selection of materials or the overall design of slides, safety is one of the most interesting aspects of slide designers; secondly, different styles. With the color, these are based on the children's likes.

Non-standard ride + combination slide + children's playground (10)

Outdoor slide combination, to build a "crazy play" place for children!

Let the children fall in love with the slides and enjoy the surprises of the slides. Whether it is a 45-degree slide or a 90-degree slide, as long as the children like it, we adults can let the children try hard. The slide is actually experiencing a life. A small journey: from the side of the slide to the side of the slide, this may have crossed the usual slide bar, perhaps crossing the obstacles set in the middle, but will eventually reach the end of the victory.

Slides, a place that can provide children with "crazy play", it releases nature and harvests happiness! It is fun and entertaining; it is in line with the children's heart; it is a light in the children's childhood, illuminating the way the children march.

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