Playground staff will not only cleanse, but also have other qualities.

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Playground staff will not only cleanse, but also have other qualities.

Now the playground is in China, it is very famous. Some of the more affluent families will even get a small family in their own home, which can meet their needs and let them grow up healthily. The small comprehension is the most intimate. When it belongs to the small son of Huang Shengyi, there is a large playground, and many people want to be their children. However, there are a lot of related safety accidents caused by the playground in these years, and it is enough to cause everyone's vigilance.

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Playground staff will not only cleanse, but also have other qualities.

In fact, some safety accidents can be avoided. ThisPlaygroundThe staff has a big relationship. If they have experience, they can avoid happening. In our China, the safety staff may not be very high for the playground safety staff, they are simple may be cleaning, switching the gates of the playground, launching related instruments. These are far less than, sometimes if they have some professional literacy, they can also reduce casualties.

Then, what are the basic professional literacy?

First, help others

The main service of the indoor playground is some children. At this time, the body is not particularly healthy, and the resistance is somewhat poor. Especially when playing some horror games, it is inevitable that there will be some accidents, like vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, etc. The parents may have some diseases, do not know how to solve it, this time you may wish you a helping hand, help parents to pick up their children in time, and deal with some follow-up.

Second, good at calming everyone

There are many places that there are disputes, especially in the complex place in the indoor children's playground. It is possible that a little thing will trigger a big contradiction, this child is in children, including parents and parents, such as both sides may not be available because a small thing is noisy, affecting the public order. At this time, the staff asked the staff to appease and persuade, big things, small things.

Third, I know some doctors common sense

It is inevitable that some children have accidents in the playground, and what is touched. You have to know how to stop bleeding in time and prepare some of the wound treatment, such as Yunnan Baiyao, create a destination. If you don't have good words, play 120 in time, protect the security of tourists.

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Playground staff will not only cleanse, but also have other qualities.

Of course, it is still not allowed, and there will be some unexpected situations in the playground, such as power off, machine failure, etc. At this time, you should feel your emotions in time, avoiding everyone panic, causing relevant safety incidents.

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