Precautions for purchasing children's indoor combination slides

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Precautions for purchasing children's indoor combination slides

Many indoor children's paradise or kindergartens will be played with some indoor children's combination slides to children. What kind of common sense is to be mastered before I buy? What do you need to pay attention to in the purchase of small slides in the room?

Purchase children's indoor combination slides.

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Compared with the general ordinary slide, the combination slide is more novel, and combines many children who want to play, these romance facilities have a good exercise for the cultivation of children's movement capabilities. Many people will compare the naughty castle and combined slides. In fact, these two rides have a good role in the cultivation of children's exercise capacity. They can exercise, climb, roll around the children to a certain extent. The ability to jump.Many kindergartens are now equipped with a combination slide. This not only enriches the children's period, but also exercises to a certain extent.

1, plastic parts:Imported engineering plastic, penetrates UV, anti-static and anti-decolorine, strength, smooth surface, safe and environmentally friendly, weather resistance, not easy to fade. The supervisor of the large toy main column adopts national standard steel pipe (114mm), iron tool: After the welding is completed, four chemical treatment is iron-filled with oil, rust, surface phosphat, then use electrostatic plastic The powder is colored, and placed in the oven, high temperature melting plastic powder coloring, and the surface of the iron member is smooth, tight rust, and has the advantages that traditional painting cannot achieve.

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2,The top cover, fence, slide and other plastic components use imported food grade non-ferrous plastic raw materials, low-density polyethylene to add anti-ultraviolet stabilizers and anti-static agents, non-toxic and tasteless, no irritable allergies for skin, safe and environmentally friendly. Surface treatment: mold casting surface, smooth surface, no deformation, good weather resistance, not easy to fade.

3, flatSteel parts such as Taiwan, stairs, using national high-strength punching steel plate, detraction, shielding, surface import plastic powder, high temperature curing, plastic treatment, non-slip, safety reliable.

4,The connector, fastener, the connector screw uses a stainless steel screw, the fastener adopts an aluminum alloy, safe and reliable, smooth, strong, not rust.

5, the rope network components use the navigation boat cable, 16mm in diameter, and the core is a stainless steel wire outer jacket, ensuring safety, and no defective.

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