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Preface to the standard of safe use of non-standard amusement equipment

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Preface to the standard of safe use of non-standard amusement equipment

      With the rapid development of China's economy, China's theme park industry has also ushered in a booming momentum. The pursuit of personalized theme parks has given a wide market space for non-standard customization.
PlayingNon-standard rideManufacturers are constantly appearing on different occasions, and the industry faces a major development opportunity and faces a major crisis.
Safety signs

      The management of the safety standards of the non-powered amusement industry has lagged behind that of Europe and the United States. So far, there are still no perfect industrial production standards enforced in the country. Although some industry practitioners have taken the lead in formulating some standards in the past few years, they are fighting for resources. One means is that there is neither national enforcement nor extensive use in production in actual implementation.
      The industry's non-standardization, imperfect laws and regulations, the status quo of government regulatory agencies can not rely on law enforcement not only affects the development of the industry, in the current situation of market incentive competition, there are more unconstrained businesses to promote the presence of amusement equipment in the market Major safety hazards

Le Tu non-standard custom + ecological combination slide + non-standard custom play - (20)

      The author has been engaged in the amusement industry for many years. He has been committed to the healthy development of children, making healthier rides and building a happier growth environment. It is the ideal of the author's life. On the road of employment, I deeply feel the lack of supervision and the need for conscience. Operator

      In particular, the emergence of non-standard amusement is even more chaotic. Some people try to maximize the benefits and make non-standard excuses. In other words, the author believes that non-standard amusement is only to pursue artistic beauty from personalization, but it is safe to use. Can not be standardized, anyone must pay attention to the safety of users, otherwise it will harm the society

Non-standard amusement + Chengdu Gaotou Corridor and stainless steel slide + swan combination slide (18)

  In order to let more practitioners and users understand the safety standards of unpowered amusement equipment, the author will publish a representative part of EN1176 on this website.

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